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Founded in 1878 to cover the textile demand of the city of Alcoy, a very important area in this sector internationally. Today, after the passing of more than 140 years and 5 generations at the head of our company, we have evolved according to the market and offer a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of our clients, a fundamental piece in our daily life. More than 140 years of experience, which together with our know-how, has allowed us to establish ourselves in the international market by offering innovative and high quality solutions

The HETEX harness lanyard has been internationally known for about 50 years. The company name and owners have changed several times over the years, most recently in 1996 when it changed from HETEX Garn AG to HETEX Jacquard AG. However, our unwavering dedication to quality has not changed. Innovation and the search for perfection determine our actions

After almost 50 years running Hetex Jacquard AG, it has made the decision to move its manufacturing to Spain.

The decision was accelerated by external circumstances: as you know, conditions for the Swiss export industry are increasingly difficult, not least due to the strength of our currency and, above all, the deterioration of the EUR/CHF exchange rate.

Estamos contentos de haber encontrado una solución excelente con una asociación sólida para trasladar nuestra empresa al área de la UE. Este socio es Jorge Sempere S.L. en Alcoy, España. Sempere es un actor consolidado en el sector de monturas para jacquard y opera en el mercado textil desde hace casi 150 años.

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